Blackbird is a utility which lets you write and test little bits of HTML code. Type (or paste) your HTML code and it will render the preview. It's great for testing code, or for learning the basics of how HTML works.

  • built with Swift
  • sandboxed
  • available on the Mac App Store
  • download Blackbird

The Corporate Ipsum widget generates random corporate double-speak for use as filler text. It's simple to use and fun to read. Corporate Ipsum has been the Featured Widget on the Apple website and also spent time in the Top 50 Widget Downloads.

LostFound lets you create a banner on your lock screen to help if you lose your phone, or shows emergency contact information.

  • built with Swift
  • updated for iOS 9
  • available on the App Store
  • download LostFound

The Symbol Caddy widget keeps a bunch of common special characters in both keyboard and HTML form (such as ® and ® ) at your fingertips.

Symbol Caddy was the "Widget of the Month" in Macworld, has been the Featured Widget on the Apple website, spent time on the Top 10 Widget Downloads list, and has been featured in several Mac magazines.

Synergy is the Lorem Ipsum generator Peter Gibbons would use in a TPS Report...if he were a graphic designer and had a need for a Lorem Ipsum generator. The slider sets the amount of jargon that is generated. You can also add your own custom words to the mix. This app has been called "one of the great achievements of human thought".

  • built with Swift
  • updated for iOS 8
  • available on the App Store
  • download Synergy
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